Sunday, December 02, 2007

Radio Silence

If a blog is posted in cyberspace and nobody comments, is anyone reading it?


Larry said...

Susan, I noticed you mentioned being a former waitress at Carroll's Diner. What year?
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Larry Cultrera, Saugus, MA

Susan Glickman said...

I love your site! I worked at Carrolls from December 1973 through May of 1974, while finishing up my BA at Tufts. I'd taken a lot of extra courses so only had to do one more to graduate, freeing up time to work as a waitress. My friend Carey and I shared a house with two other women on the north side of the Tufts campus (can't remember the name of the street) and worked at Carroll's Colonial Diner from 4:30 in the afternoon until about 3 am. The best shift: early dinner, normal dinner, late dinner, post movie crowd and the late night cabbies and policemen. I was paid $1:00 an hour (minimum wage then) but averaged at least $5.00 an hour in tips.

Larry said...

You may have waited on me as well as my friends that hung out there! It was certainly the same time period.

I actually ate there at the last sitting, the day they closed. They were going to close the weekend before Christmas, 1986 and not be open through the holidays. They sold the property to a developer and former Mayor of Medford who tore down the diner and built a huge office building with underground parking.

I had heard about the upcoming closing on a Tuesday night when myself and my buddy Steve had dinner there. I knew I was going to Pennsylvania that next weekend and lamented the fact that I would not be around for the closing. So the next day on the way to work I made up my mind that I was going there for lunch. I went with my boss and I remember having a fried clam plate. I talked with Maury Carroll (the father) and told him I was sad to see the place go and asked him for a menu for my collection (which he gave me).

That afternoon when I got home (I wasn't married then) my mother was talking on the phone to a friend of hers (who's daughter was working as a hostess there at the end) and said to me "Carroll's closed" and I said yeah this weekend and she said no, this afternoon right after lunch.
Apparently, 2 cooks quit and they decided this is it and closed.

Anyway, thanks for the compliment on the blog, it was nice making the contact with you!