Friday, April 13, 2007

There's no SPRING in my step ...

because of the blustery, bullying, cloudy weather, slinging sleet, cold wind and lots of mud, that saps the spirit -- or mine at least. Plus I recently finished another novel and am feeling more useless than usual. Plus I fell down a hill! One of the more shocking things that can happen to a grownup, I think, is to go ass over teakettle. My illusion of control is already so fragile.

SO I'm on the hunt for jollification. The news re Canadian domination of the International Booker Prize was welcome, as was a simultaneous sighting of cardinal, mockingbird, grackle,house finch, house sparrow, junco and squirrel all companionably noshing at the backyard feeder. But these are transient flares of sunshine. I need more cheering up!! You are welcome to send in your jokes and funny stories as part of this ongoing campaign.

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